Create an effective kitchen area

With the working office, staff are working harder and taking less breaks which is creating more stress in the work place today.

Research today suggests that, when faced with long tasks in the office, it is best to have various brief breaks throughout the day which will actually help you staff stay focused on the task at hand!

We believe that incorporating a well designed kitchen / breakout area will help encourage your staff to take small breaks to help recharge & focus, which can significantly benefit your business in todays work hard, play hard environment. Also variety of tables & bench heights to suit staff needs, also ample storage in the kitchen area, A television can also create a homely feel to help relax in.

The layout of the Kitchen & seating needs to be well thought out and designed to create a relax environment that encourages staff to have routine office breaks. Choosing soft paint colours to walls & furnishings will also create a spacious feel and more intimate space for short breaks.

Designing comfortable furniture will help with layback lounges & chairs, allowing people to sit in a different manner to how they do at their desk.

We can help you design and plan the right kitchen / breakout room to suit your office environment and transform this space to be a nice environment for all enjoy.

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