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We source sustainable products on all projects


The next best thing to preventing waste is recycling it to produce useable materials and new products; from office paper and corrugated cardboard, to fabric scrap and
steel. Integrity Office currently uses recyclable corrugated cardboard in shipping goods. We also have a number of local fabric suppliers who now have a completely recyclable fabric on the market, to be generally used on chairs and panel systems.

Protecting the Air

Integrity Offices’ environmental policies seek to preserve
all aspects of the environment, including the air. One significant way to preserve the air is by preventing, reducing or eliminating manufacturing-related emissions known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are chemicals that contribute to the formation of ground—level ozone and are found in many paints, adhesives and cleaning solvents.

Integrity Office has reduced VOC output by utilizing alternative methods of painting, which are either VOC- free or produce minimal amounts of VOCs. We also uses non- solvent base adhesives, further eliminating VOC’s. High- performance water based and hot-melt adhesives both VOC-free are used in place of solvent-based adhesives on a range of office products.

Preserving our Natural Resources

Integrity Office, as a major user of wood and laminated products, including case goods, systems furniture and seating products, is committed to conserving wood and encouraging sound forestry management practices. Integrity Office supports the industrial policy of the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE). In addition to asking our suppliers to identify the sources of all hardwood used, Integrity’s manufacturers purchase wood from domestic sources whenever possible. By helping to ensure the careful preservation and management of the world’s forests, Integrity Office also protects the long-term availability of a valuable natural resource.

Reducing Waste

Integrity Office products are specially designed to provide many years of service, and many products are backed 
by a 5-10 year warranty. The life cycle of Integrity Office products can be extended by refurbishing and re- upholstering. Integrity Office work surfaces are also readily refurbished by re- laminating or re-finishing damaged surfaces. Outside of this arrangement many of the products are re-used in a second life usually on the second-hand market when the original purchaser disposes of them to a third party.

In addition to preventing tons of material from being sent to landfill, refurbishing and third party sales saves the customers a significant amount of money. Integrity Office also makes replacement parts available. Using these parts; customers can extend the life of the furniture, replacing just the worn out parts instead of discarding the entire piece of furniture. In many cases, worn parts; made of steel, fabric, wood or plastic can be recycled, further reducing the amount of land fill materials.

Preserving the Environment

Integrity Office recognizes the importance of, as well as its responsibility to protect our Environment. We are committed to operating our business in an environmentally responsible manner – in every aspect of production, from design and product development through to manufacturing, distribution and installation of workspace furniture systems.

At Integrity Office we continuously monitor the environmental impact of utilizing raw materials and
 the work process used in the manufacturing of workspace furniture. We are committed to finding more ways to reduce, recycle and re-use. Reducing waste and conserving natural resources are the responsibility of every worker, supplier and sub-contractor working for Integrity Office.

In some cases, Integrity Office has eliminated the use
 of disposable packing materials by using alternative shipping methods such as blanket-wrapping, which saves a significant amount of space for shipping and delivering the goods directly to site.

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