7 Tips to Make the Best Office Move

7 Tips to Make the Best Office Move

Many successful businesses start small, with most of their office space set up in the owners’ home or shared offices. This may save on start-up costs, but once you get your business moving and you start to take on new staff, it is then time to consider moving to a new larger office location. In this article, we give you the top seven tips for making a successful office move.

Set a budget

No doubt about it, moving to a new office location is a significant investment in time and money. There are many things to pay for, including the purchase or lease of the new office space, a new office fitout, and costs associated with transporting your office furniture and equipment. If you do not plan your office move well, it is very likely you will go over budget.

Before anything else, decide on the amount of money you are budgeting for the big move. If you have a business partner, sit down and discuss how much you can realistically afford to spend. Don’t just come up with a magic number. You should consider all the things that you need to budget for, including the office fitout costs. Once you have an idea of what you will need, contact some office fitout companies to obtain estimates and quotes.

Also, consider the manpower that you will need for the big move. Why don’t you ask your employees to help out? Give them incentives at work in exchange for their help and they may be willing to lend a helping hand.

Select a suitable location

Your new location can make or break your business. Just because the rent in that area is such a bargain, that doesn’t mean that you should settle on that location right away. You should always think of your clients first. Would they be willing to travel to your new location to do business with you?  If it’s too far away, chances are they won’t.

Also consider the security of the neighbourhood. Is it a place where your employees can be safe when they walk at night? Is it a peaceful area free of crime?  Do your research on your desired location first before you decide to set up your new office there.

Consider access to transportation

When you choose a new office location, make sure that there’s easy access to transportation such as buses, trains and cabs. Don’t make the commute a hassle for your employees.

Before you select a new office location, sit down with your employees and consider where they live. Is the office location central for the majority of your employees so they can easily make the commute?

Consider availability of parking areas

You should also consider parking spaces for employees who drive to work. Make sure that the office building you have chosen has enough parking spaces to accommodate all their cars. If not, then consider a location where there is an affordable or reasonable car park rates.

Pay attention to location of amenities

It would be convenient for you and your employees if the new location that you choose is situated near amenities including banks, pharmacies, shopping areas, and restaurants. If your client drops by to your new office, where would you take them for lunch if the next suitable restaurant is far away? What if you are completing a project and you urgently need something to finish the job? All these concerns can be resolved if you select an office location near all the important amenities and your suppliers.

Select an office building

After you have decided on the best area to set up your new office and start with your office fitout, you can now search for the right building. Once again, don’t settle on something because the agent has given you a “reasonable” price. First thing you should check is the building’s facade. Is it decent or does it look worn out? If it’s the latter, then it may not be a welcoming sight for your clients when they visit your office. It is also important to check if the building has 24/7 security and if it has a manned reception area. All of these can help make a good impression on your clients.

Consider how you will use the office space

Once you’ve chosen your location and building, it’s now time to consider the best use of your office space. Before doing so, decide on your expansion plans. If you are considering hiring more people in the near future, then it’s advisable to get a bigger space to accommodate your growing number of employees.

After settling the space issue, it’s now time to think about your office fitout. Before you decide on the office layout, check with the building management if you can get permission to do major renovations, such as setting up office dividers, changing wall colors and installing new lights. Some buildings do not permit tenants to make major changes to office spaces. If the restrictions are too great, this may not be the right office for you!

Some final words

Moving to a new office location can be a time-consuming and costly activity.  It’s best that you plan this well so it goes smoothly. These are just some pointers that can guide you when you are looking for a new office location. If you are having a difficult time moving to a new office, consider employing the services of a trusted office fitouts company as they will be able to assist you in the process of moving offices, starting from giving you advice on the most suitable location through to setting up a new office fitout for your business.

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