Office Move Checklist

Office Move Checklist

With so much to do and with so little time, moving offices can often become a strenuous and challenging activity. Provided below is a checklist that can help make office moves much easier.


Identify everything that must be done


Create a complete working budget


Make internal company decisions

Area being considered

Type of building desired

Square feet needed

Budget limits

Utilize modular furniture?

Replace any case goods furniture?

Determine office sizes & who gets one

Make changes/upgrades to office systems

Telephone system

Computers and networking

Copiers/Printers/Fax machines. Postage meters, etc.

Establish requirements for archiving/warehousing (off site)


Hire a tenant rep broker


Hire an architect/interior designer

Create working floor plan drafts

Provide HVAC requirements for all equipment

Provide electrical requirements for all equipment

Decide on standard cabling outlet configuration (Voice and Data)


Select space

Negotiate lease terms

Negotiate work letter (TI allowance)

Sign lease

Give notice to old landlord


Hire Trades people


Telephone system (replace it or move it)

Order new phone/data service (POTS, T-1, ISDN, DSL)

Network (upgrade it, back it up, prepare to move it)

Security system

Modular furniture (replace it or move it)

Furniture movers

Document destructors

New janitorial service

Plant watering service


Manage construction project

Hire General contractor

Hire Project manager?

Hire MEP engineer

Get drawings approved for permit

Obtain building permits


Change address & phone numbers

Order new stationery and business cards

Order new signs

Paint company vehicles

Change vehicle registration?

Change website to reflect new address/phone numbers

Revise advertising

Revise yellow pages listing

Notify post office


Throw away junk and archive old files


Warehouse un-needed equipment and files



Memos to employees

Letter to customers

Notify bank and accountant

Notify insurance agent

Notify vendors and suppliers


Packing prep

Order and distribute boxes

Rent crates (if applicable)

Order and distribute packing materials

Order and distribute labels and markers

Provide clear instructions for packing

Determine who will pack filing cabinets, supply cabinets

Determine who will pack common areas (reception, pantry, library, etc.)

Make arrangements to have live plants moved

Make arrangements to move framed pictures and any special artwork


Move management prep

Take complete inventory

Document network log-ins, access, print spooling, etc.

Perform complete backup of network

Perform complete backup of telephone system

Document telephone extension, pooling groups, etc.

Select department coordinators

Create packing/labeling guidelines

Arrange to have PCs packed/moved

Determinate who will work on move weekend

Arrange for packing/moving of copiers

Arrange for disassembly/reassembly of modular furniture

Arrange to pack/move networking equipment and servers

Arrange to prep/move telephone system

Arrange for elevator access (both sites)

Schedule parking and unloading at new site

Obtain any special moving/parking permits

Determine building restrictions for move hours

Arrange for protection of floors, walls and elevators


Clean up/demo old site

Remove old cabling?

Arrange for special trash pickup

Perform final cleaning?



Service agreements

Business Licenses


Sales & Use certificates

Equipment leases

Mandatory HR postings

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