Tips and Guidelines for Office Fitouts

Tips and Guidelines for Office Fitouts

A new office fitout can be an exciting time for any business.  There is always something special about the smell of fresh paint and the feel of new office furniture.  For an employee, the change can be refreshing and can do wonders for their motivation and productivity.  For a new company, it can be a signal to locals that you will soon be open and ready for business.  For an established business, a new office fitout or renovation can indicate that your business is successful and prosperous.

However, a new office fitout can also be a daunting project to undertake especially for those who have little experience with it.  Careful planning and project management are crucial in order to ensure that your office fitout or renovation is a success.  Here are some general tips and guidelines that will help you in your next office fitout project.

1. Determine how much money and time you are willing to spend on your office fitout project. The cost of a fitout can vary depending on the size of the office space and the level of finishes and furnishings.

The time required for an office fitout be to complete depends on your office space.  For a small office, it can take around 4 weeks and for a larger office, it can take around 5 to 8 weeks.  Consider how you can finish the office fitout without disrupting your business operations.  It may have to be done after office hours or during the weekends.  It is important that employees are still able to do their tasks despite the ongoing renovation.

2. Gather your team and discuss initial ideas and visions for the new office design. Make sure your creative people are on board who are also good with numbers, attentive to details, and can understand technical issues and are familiar with office layout plans.  You may need to get a number of people on your team as all these skills may not be present in just one or two individuals.

List down the kind of office furnishing you will need such as desks or workstations, chairs, reception area furniture and storage systems.  Also consider other factors, including lighting, doors, windows, electrical systems, paint colour, type of materials to be used and space planning.

3.    In your current office, determine which pieces of furniture can be maintained or which ones need to be updated. Keep the new pieces of furniture that you can still use.  For older office furniture, you may need to update these items to keep your office looking contemporary and modern and matching your new office fitout.  Also consider if you need to move the areas of the different departments in your business.  A new space may be a welcome change for your teams.

4.    If you are relocating or looking for a new office space, talk to a real estate agent in the area you are considering. Get to know the value of the property you are interested in and its availability.  Discuss rental fees and investigate any safety issues in the building.

You can also ask the team to do their own research regarding the property under consideration. Information such as public transport routes, parking spaces and commercial building establishments surrounding the area will be helpful to determine if the property is suitable for commercial office fit outs.

5. Incorporate other updates with your office fitout project. If you need to update your security systems, computer hardware or other IT infrastructure, then do so together with the new office fitout.  If you choose to update other office systems with the office renovation, make sure that you are able to coordinate with all the suppliers efficiently.

6. Employ the service of an architect or interior designer to put your ideas and visions on print. You will work very closely with them so do not hesitate to let them know how your business operates and what your business needs.  Also let them know the kind of image or impression you are trying to achieve.

7.    Once you have your office layout ready, employ the service of a trusted and seasoned office fitout contractor. Not only will they carry out the project, but they will also have the best advice on the type of materials and finishes to be used, the most appropriate office furniture and how to integrate other systems such as electrical, phone and IT into the new fitout.  Working with an experienced office fitout contractor will help you make smarter decisions and ensure a smooth transition to your new premises.

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