Tips on How to Create an Office Staff Room

Tips on How to Create an Office Staff Room

When you are undergoing an office fitout, every room is important – and that includes the office staff room. This is a place where your employees can eat their meals and clear their minds whenever work gets too stressful. The office staff room is also a great place where you can talk to or socialise with your staff on a more casual level, as the office staff room provides a laid-back and comfortable atmosphere.

For employees who bring packed lunch or snacks, eating at their office desks may be an option. However, this may result in cleanliness and sanitation issues. If this practice is wide spread throughout the office, it may lead to the attraction of insects and cockroaches. This is a tough problem because these pests can get a foothold in your office.

Having an office staff room provides your employees with an area where they can eat their meals instead of eating at their desks so they are able to maintain the cleanliness of the office. In this article, we provide you some tips on how to create a friendly and comfortable office staff room.

Include appropriate tables and chairs

To maximise space, many office staff rooms provide countertops and some high chairs. However, you should also consider including tables and chairs where your employees can sit comfortably and chat with colleagues during their break.

When choosing this set of furniture for your office staff room, the comfort it provides isn’t the only thing you should consider. These pieces should also be office-appropriate so your company can still retain its professional image. For you to be able to find the ideal furniture for your staff room, canvass some furniture shops and evaluate what they offer. You can also discuss your requirements with an experienced office fitout contractor as they can help you in designing and selecting the right furniture for your staff room and for the rest of your office space.

Provide trash cans

Always make sure that your office staff room is clean. One way to do this is to provide trash cans for recyclables, biodegradables and plastics. Encourage your employees to throw their trash in the right bin so your business can do its part to help the environment.

Coordinate with the office building management to ensure that there is someone who regularly collects the trash so the office staff room will always be clean. This will also help prevent unwanted pest problems.

Complete your amenities

Aside from your tables and chairs, complete your office staff room amenities with a refrigerator, microwave and oven toaster and coffee maker. When you are creating your office fitout, check on the kitchen appliances that you already have. You may have a small refrigerator or an oven that you can still use. If these appliances are still in good condition, then re-use them. If not, then think about replacing them. You can also consider asking your employees what other kitchen device they need in the staff room.

Add in a water dispenser and snacks

Have a water dispenser and some snacks available in the office staff room. In this way, your staff will not need to go out of the office to buy refreshments or snacks. Having refreshments and snacks easily accessible in the staff room can help your employees focus their time on doing their tasks and meeting deadlines as they no longer need to go far for a break. Coffee and tea making facilities are also a nice touch.

Some final words

Your employees will definitely appreciate having a staff room where they can comfortably have their meals and socialise with their colleagues. When you provide them a relaxed area where they can take a break, you can be sure that they will return to their desks refreshed and motivated to do their jobs well. It can also act as a central location for socialising in the office, helping to build staff morale. If you need help in fitting out the different areas of your office space, talk to an experienced office fitout contractor. An office fitout contractor can assist you in office designing and creating the most appropriate office fitout for your business.

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