Tips on How to Make your Office Client-Friendly

Tips on How to Make your Office Client-Friendly

Clients are a vital part of any business or organisation, so it is important that you know how to take good care of them!  When creating your office fitout, consider your clients. After all, you won’t only deal with them through phone calls or emails. Clients may choose to visit your office for important appointments or discussions.  It’s best to be prepared and make your office fitout client-friendly. Here are a few ways you can do this:

Make the reception area comfortable

When your clients visit the office, the first thing that they see is the reception area. To adhere to the saying, first impressions last, design your office fitout into something that would easily make them feel at home.  Add in comfortable yet office-appropriate sofas and chairs where they can relax after travelling to your office to meet with you.

When creating your office fitout, consider decorating your reception area with something green such as fresh flowers or potted plants. These simple touches can change the reception area from being stiff to comfortable.  However, keep in mind to balance comfort with professionalism. The reception area must still reflect that your business is a professional organisation.

Provide reading materials

To keep your clients entertained while waiting in the reception area, provide some reading materials such as books, magazines and newspapers.  You can also place your business cards and marketing collaterals such as brochures and flyers on tables in the reception area to make them accessible to your clients.  This can especially be useful when you are meeting with potential clients as they can learn more about your business and what you can offer them while they are waiting at the reception area.

Always make sure that your reading materials are updated. When you see magazines or books that are worn out, torn, or outdated, replace them with new ones.   This may sound like a simple thing to do, but it can help maintain your company’s image to clients.

Greet them with a smile

As soon as your clients arrive in the office, there should be someone to welcome them. Do not let them wait for a long time at the door wondering who they can call to look for you. Make sure that once they step inside the reception area, a staff member is there to greet them with a smile. This person can also offer your clients some refreshments such as water, tea, juice or coffee while they prepare for their meeting with you.

Once your staff informs you that your clients have arrived, make sure that you’re the one who greets them personally and escort them to the meeting room. This would show them that you are more than happy to see them and talk about business.

Provide free wifi and entertainment

When you are designing your office fitout, consider providing free wifi. There may be some clients who would like to maximise their time by doing their office work while waiting in the reception area.  Instead of browsing through magazines or newspapers they may prefer to check their emails or finish the tasks they left in their office. Having free wifi in your office will enable them to access their emails and browse the internet using their mobile phones, laptops or tablet PCs.  If you have other guests in the office, they can use the wifi to access the internet and keep themselves entertained.

If you decide to provide free wifi in the office, you can set a password so that people outside your business will not be able to use it.  Simply provide the password to your clients and guests if they want to use the wifi.

Aside from free wifi, you can also consider providing other forms of entertainment such as a television or a radio. Keep in mind, though, to keep the volume low so as not to disturb the other people in the reception area.  Also make sure that the television or radio is tuned in to a program appropriate to the workplace such as a news or business channel.

Soundproof your meeting rooms

You may have some clients who would like to keep discussions confidential.  As such, it would help if you consider sound proofing your meeting rooms during your office fitout.  This can make your clients feel safe to discuss certain things or affairs with you, whether it is about money or a confidential project.  This can also help your clients see you as a trustworthy partner and service provider.

In your office fitout, also make sure that your meeting rooms are complete with the necessary amenities needed in meetings. Some of the things which you may need to purchase are whiteboards and markers, projectors, and laptops.  This can make your meetings easier to conduct because everything you need is there.

Organise your office

Some clients may request a tour around the office. As such, it is also important to keep your office space organised. Always remind your employees to keep their desks clean and clutter-free so that your office would always look clean. Also inform your employees beforehand if you are expecting an important client.  In that way, they can also prepare and help you make a good impression.

Some final words

When you take good care of your clients, you start to build a strong relationship with them which can lead to a rewarding business partnership.  And when they are happy with how you deal with them, you can be sure that word will spread around on the type of service and hospitality you offer them.  It’s quite possible that when potential clients hear of this, they will be enticed to find out more about your business and see the range of products and services you offer.

If you need help in creating an office fitout for your business, consider employing a professional and experienced office fitout contractor.  An office fitout contractor can help you design and construct an appropriate office fitout that fits your business requirements.

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