Tips On Office Furniture Care And Maintenance

Tips On Office Furniture Care And Maintenance

Office furniture and fixtures are a large investment for any business.  As such, proper care and maintenance for furnishings is necessary to make sure that they won’t need replacing for years.  Here are some tips on how you can keep your office furniture in top shape.

1.     Mind the leather
If your office furniture includes leather office chairs, consider them one of the top priorities as a leather office chair is one piece of office furniture that needs to be carefully maintained.  Make sure to keep them out of direct sunlight as it can damage the material.  Do not use abrasive cleaners such as alcohol-based cleaners.  Instead, purchase cleaners that are specifically designed for leather surfaces.  You may also employ the services of an experienced leather technician to make sure your leather office furniture is well maintained.

2.    Wipe and polish wood furniture
In many cases, wood furniture has already been treated making it easy to care for.  But for untreated wood furniture, use a dry cloth followed by wood treatment oils to maintain the appearance of the furniture.  For treated wood furniture, a damp cloth followed by furniture polish would be ideal.  Encourage your employees to use coasters to avoid stains on the surface of any wood office furniture as these will be difficult to remove later on.

3.    Practice clean desk policy
Keeping a clean desk is important in avoiding the accumulation of dust in the workplace.  Encourage your employees to observe a clean desk policy.  Provide them storage systems such as filing cabinets to store paperwork or any office supplies on their desks.  Reducing the clutter on their desks also increases your employees’ productivity as they are able to spend more time on their jobs instead of cleaning their mess.

Desk pads can also be used to prevent scratches on the surface of an office desk.  Employees should also avoid eating in their workstations to prevent any food stains on their desks that will be difficult to remove.

4.    Report a defect
If you or your employees notice a strange sound when you sit on your office chair or if you find a defect such as a loose screw, report it immediately to your maintenance department.  Any defect in office furniture should be fixed immediately to ensure your safety and prevent further damage.

5.    Pay attention to the reception area
Your business’ reception area is the first thing visitors and clients see, as such proper care and maintenance should be given to the reception furniture.  Make sure your reception furniture is not worn-out or outdated.  Visitor seating such as sofas and visitor chairs must be clean and their upholstery must be free of holes. Coffee tables and reception desks must be well-polished and free of stains. Remember that the reception area often forms a visitor’s first impression so make sure that it looks appealing and professional at all times.

Some final tips

You may also employ professional furniture cleaning services to care for your office furniture. If your office furniture has an existing warranty, you can also use it for care and maintenance. Many office fitouts and office furniture providers offer warranties with their products and services.

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