Tips on Selection of Office Chairs and Office Desks

Tips on Selection of Office Chairs and Office Desks

With the long hours employees spend at work each day, providing them functional and comfortable office chairs needs to become a priority to business owners.  Using the right office chair can motivate an employee, increase productivity and help avoid discomforts such as tendonitis, repetitive strain injury, head-ache, back-ache and neck-ache.  Employers must ensure that they are protecting the health and safety of employees by providing them with high quality office chairs.

Business owners must also make sure that they are providing office desks that fit the requirements of their staff members.  A good office desk must contribute to the efficiency and productivity of an employee.

With the various range of office chairs and office desks available, how do you choose the right one for you and your employees?  Here are 7 tips to follow in selecting the right office chair and office desk:

1. Check the adjustability of an office chair. The height adjustment will allow an employee to fix the chair so that he or she can be at the correct and comfortable height from the floor.  Having the correct height adjustment reduces the stress on the back of the legs as an employee is in front of their desk at the correct position for their height.  Also check if the depth of the seat can be adjusted as well.  This will allow employees to be seated at the correct distance from their desk without the need to stretch just to reach their workstations.

2. Consider the arm rests. Having the wrong arm rests on your office chair will bother you and your employees.  If the arm rests are too low, you will have to lean while in front of your desk.  This position will cause you muscle fatigue as your compressed rib cage is making it difficult for your lungs to deliver oxygen to your muscles.  If your arm rests are too thin and do not properly support the width of your forearms, your muscles must exert effort just to stay on top.  All this muscle strain may lead to pain in your back, neck and shoulders.

Office chairs with adjustable arms will enable the user to fix the arm rests according to each individual’s task and requirement.  Some office chairs come with width adjustable arms that enable the arm rests to be moved in or out as needed.  Padded armrests are also becoming a standard feature in office chairs.  Remember that arm rests are important and incorrect adjustment can actually hinder an effective working position.

3. Consider lumbar support and backrest height adjustability of an office chair. Back pain is perhaps one of the most common complaints of employees when they spend long hours seated in front of their desks.  The lumbar support in office chairs is designed to protect your lumbar spine or lower back when you are in a seated position.

Also consider office chairs that provide backrest height adjustability.  Employees have varying comfort levels when it comes to their lower back.  The backrest height adjustability enables you to adjust the chair’s lumbar support to a height that is most comfortable to you.

4. Make sure that your office chair and office desk fit the roles of each staff member. A senior staff member may need an executive office chair and office desk.  A staff member who accomplishes a lot of paperwork may need a task chair and an office desk that offers space for their monitor, keyboard, mouse and an area for paperwork.  A staff member who does their tasks on a computer may need a computer chair and a computer table.  Remember that your office chair and office desk must help your employees to get their jobs done efficiently and comfortably.

5. Evaluate if you need custom made office desks. There are office fitouts providers who will design and manufacture office desks and workstations according to your specifications.  You might need an office desk that includes a storage area such as drawers or you might like to request for a specific colour and type of material to be used.  Whatever your requirements are for custom made desks, make sure that it is smart, functional and fits your business image.

6.    When choosing office desks, consider your office space. If you have a small office space, consider cluster or modular workstations or minimalistic office desks.  This type of desks will enable you to maximise the available office space.

7.    When buying office chairs and office desks, remember to always check the quality first. There is a wide selection of chairs and desks of varying prices, but be prepared to spend a little bit more on those that really offer high quality.  When you purchase high quality office chairs and desks, you are actually saving money as they will not need repair or replacing for a long time.

Some final tips

Do not hesitate to invest in quality office chairs and desks as these play a vital role in your employees’ motivation, productivity and even in their health.  It will also be helpful for you to discuss your requirements with an experienced and trusted office fitouts and office furniture provider.

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