Top 10 Things To Know About Office Fitouts

Top 10 Things To Know About Office Fitouts

Number 1

First and foremost, one must consider the safety issues in the building. This means considering placement of fire extinguishers, sprinklers, smoke detectors and exit signs, including things like non-slip floor surfaces and the placement of any glass in relation to work areas. Also, consider the frosting or signage of glass and their effects on visibility.

Number 2

Measure the size of work areas so as to utilize space around and in the fitout. Also consider the height and size of the person using the work space in relation to other areas around the work area and also to other people. Wheelchair access should also be considered.

Number 3

Vision and sound around the office area should be considered from all angles and in relation to the type of work each individual is required to do. This can be manipulated by glass, partitions or solid walls. The solid partition walls are usually made of a steel framed system covered with gyprock wall paneling and then professionally plastered, set and sanded and then painted. The glass and aluminium framed office partitioning walls are usually 10.38mm laminated glass.  When there is frameless glass, the glass used is toughened safety glass.

Number 4

Consider the light coming into the office area naturally or by electric lighting and the use of blinds or glass frosting to control light. To the top specification light activated glass walls which are controlled electronically.

Number 5

Consider the placement of work stations and other office furniture in relation to the above as well as cabinetry.

Number 6

Check the positioning of any power outlets, computer, phone or audio outlets. Try to make areas user friendly.

Number 7

Take note of the colour of the walls and doors and any business advertising or graphics, as well as skirtings and flashings around the walls.

Number 8

Consider the height of any walls around and beyond the work area including the placement of suspended ceilings.

Number 9

Doors to offices can be either solid painted, clear or other. There are many types of these doors and systems available: aluminium framed doors, frameless glass doors, solid painted doors and variations of any of the above. Also there are sliding aluminium framed glass doors and pivoting doors. The solid doors can be painted in any colour to suit the décor. They can be painted in a high gloss, semi gloss or flat enamel.

Number 10

Another important issue to consider is access to the job site.  Some buildings have a large commercial lift which means longer and wider materials can be brought to the job site. This can affect the time taken to complete the project. Also quite often there is a lot of rubbish at the end of the project which has got to be disposed of quickly and efficiently. The floors are usually covered with plastic to prevent any dirt or dust encroaching into the carpets or floors. This has to be disposed of also at the end of the project.

Finally try to have a written plan available. Preferably all measurements to be drawn to scale. Confiding with an experienced fitout contractor will help make decisions more precise and compatible.

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