Top 5 Trends In Office Fitout Designs

Top 5 Trends In Office Fitout Designs

The right office fitout can make your business stand out from your competitors, help you convert more clients and increase the productivity, motivation and teamwork of your staff members.  But with the variety of office furniture and fixtures available today, which ones should you choose?  Here are the 5 current trends in office fitout designs to guide you in selecting the most appropriate office layout and furniture for your business.

The open office

In an open office, there are no longer individual office cubicles or office rooms that isolate employees from one another. Instead of management being secluded behind the walls of their personal office, they are brought together in the same office space with their employees.

There are several advantages of an open office.  Office space is effectively maximised as larger numbers of small workstations and sleek furniture are fitted into the available space.  It allows employees to move around the office more comfortably.  It also fosters better communication between employees and management and promotes a spirit of teamwork.

The modular office

The modular office trend is all about flexibility.  Walls and partitions between workstations are slim and movable, which allows changes in office interior design to take place quickly and with minimal effort.  Like the open office, the modular office allows staff members to be better connected, rather than being secluded in the fixed walls of office cubicles.

The green office

With our renewed awareness of environmental issues today, many companies are making the move to be more sustainable. If your business is interested in creating a green office, start with allowing more natural light and fresh air into your office space.  This may be achieved by having tall windows, atriums or open balconies.  You may also use materials made out of bamboo or recycled glass.  Business owners can also encourage their employees to take an active part in having a green office by providing recycling facilities.

There are several office fitout contractors who incorporate green materials in their furniture and fixtures such as voc-free or low-voc paints. If you are interested in having a green office, talk to a fitout contractor about how you can achieve a more environment-friendly and sustainable office environment.

The staff-friendly office

With employees working 40 hours or more each week, the office has become their home away from home. Providing them with office furniture that supports their health and comfort has become an important consideration of business managers.  The office chair and desk must support the back in order to avoid back pain and headaches.  Office lighting should also be sufficient so that eyes are not strained through prolonged computer use.

If office space permits, provide a games or lounge area where employees can rest and relax during their break time.  An office fitout that offers ease and comfort to your employees will help in increase staff motivation and productivity.

The ergonomic office

With the various injuries, repetitive stress and discomfort that employees can experience from sitting in front of their desk for long hours, business owners have taken an interest in ergonomic office furniture.  Ergonomic office furniture is designed for the user to be able to work productively, efficiently and safely while also minimising fatigue and discomfort.

An important piece of ergonomic office furniture is an ergonomic office chair.  An ergonomic chair allows an employee to maintain a proper sitting position with his knees and elbows at 90 degree angles with their feet flat on the floor, thus minimising stress and tension.  Other items important for an ergonomic office is the keyboard tray and monitor arm that will help give employees the proper posture when working in front of their computers.

Some final words

Your business might have specific requirements you need to consider when designing your office fitout. It will help to consult with an experienced and trusted fitouts contractor to help you decide the best approach for your business.  A fitouts contractor can also keep you up-to-date with future trends you will need to be ready for.

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