Top Tips On Office Furniture Selection

Top Tips On Office Furniture Selection

With all the current trends and styles in office interior design, having your office fitted with new furniture may seem like an overwhelming task.  A great amount of thought and consideration must be placed into selecting the most appropriate office furniture and fixtures for your office space.  Having the right office furniture can reap various rewards including an enjoyable work atmosphere, increased employee productivity and even health benefits.

Your office fit out can also help create a good and lasting first impression.  How you would like your clients and partners to perceive your business may be portrayed through its decor.  Office furniture with sleek lines and basic colours speak professionalism while more modern pieces portray creativity.

Without a doubt, selecting the right office furniture is a job that can’t be overlooked.  Here are some tips to help you find the office furniture you need for your business.

1.  Know your budget
How much are you willing to spend for office furniture?  There is a wide range of office furniture available with varying prices.  But take note that high quality office furniture does not come cheap.  Be ready to allocate a considerable part of your budget to invest in high quality office furniture.  This actually enables you to save in the long run as quality office furniture will not need replacing or repair for years.

2.  Study your office space
When furnishing your office, the office area is an important concern.  Do you have a large or a small professional space?  Larger office space may have more room for storage areas separate from workstations while smaller spaces must aim for slim, minimalistic and multi-functional pieces that maximise the space available.  How many meeting rooms do you have?  These will need to be fitted with appropriate boardroom tables and chairs.

Does your business require you to receive clients in your office?  In this case, you will need to have an area fitted with client seating.   Does your office space allow for a pantry or recreational area for employees?  Furniture for client and recreational areas may be contemporary office furniture that includes sofas, cafe chairs and stools.

3.  Set time restrictions
When installing new office furniture, it’s important to keep business operations running and employee productivity high.  How much time can you spare for the set-up of new furnishings?  Do you have a weekend for the job or do you need it to be set-up after work hours?  If you have limited time for set-up, then choose office furniture and fixtures that are easily and straightforwardly installed.

4.  Consider your industry
As mentioned previously, your office decor can speak volumes about your business.  Consider the industry your business is in.  Are you in the finance industry as a consulting company?  Then perhaps your office space merits a more traditional look.  Are you in the publishing or advertising industry as a fashion magazine publisher?  Then perhaps your office furniture can be more contemporary to reflect a creative feel.  Your office’s aesthetics needs to reflect the nature of your business.

5.  Pay attention to office chairs
Many employees nowadays are spending more time at the office, working longer hours.  Spending hours seated can be tiresome especially if they are sitting on an office chair that does not offer the proper support.  Pay close attention to selecting quality office chairs that offer comfort and proper support to their backs and arms.  Having the appropriate office chair will help avoid any health problems and discomfort from back strains and also enables your employees to work at their best.

6.  Consider the lights
Lighting is another important factor that must be considered when installing new office furnishings.  Make sure that the work area is well lit and that the lighting is not harsh on the eyes.  Professional lighting consultants are available to help you with fixture arrangements and wattage output concerns.

7.  Consult your employees
If you are still unsure of what office furniture to get for your business space, it would be helpful to ask your employees.  Remember, these are the people who spend hours in the office so their input will be very important.  Ask them what they are looking for in an office chair or what type of storage system they need.  When you are able to provide office furniture that supports a healthy and productive work environment, you can rely on the best possible performance from your employees.

Some Final Words

There are various trends in office fit outs and office furniture today.  To know which one is the most appropriate for your business, it will be helpful to consult with a professional and experienced office fit out provider.

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