Discover New Designs for Custom-Built Reception Desks in Melbourne

Provide a memorable first impression with custom-built reception desks that not only fit your Melbourne office’s aesthetic, but also reflects the function of your business. Too often companies settle for pre-built designs that don’t align with their space, but with the assistance of Integrity Office, you can create an instant and lasting impression of your business through our beautiful range of custom-built and ready-made reception desks and accompanying furniture.

Why Work with Integrity Office to Create Your Custom-Built Reception Desks?

Customised reception desks can be uniquely designed and manufactured according to your specifications. At Integrity Office, we specialise in custom-made reception desks and associated joinery, and welcome the opportunity to work with you in creating the perfect functional reception area to reflect your company and corporate image. From waiting room furniture to a modern and workable reception desk, we can create the perfect look to suit your corporate image. We specialise in complimenting your existing office desks and furnishings, as well as maximising the space you have. We offer a large range of finishes for your custom-built reception desk and reception furniture, including timber veneer, laminate, glass, marble, acrylic, etc.

What Options Lay Before You with Custom-Built Reception Desks?

Most custom reception desks can be built with a number of features and design options, including:


Work with our team to determine the exact size and dimensions of your desk so we can make sure we fit it perfectly. We also understand that not all spaces are the same, which is why our team will incorporate your specific needs for shape and function within the design.

Colour Scheme

Whichever colour or style you want your custom desk to have, our team at Integrity Office will ensure it matches your taste. If you’re not sure about what fits best, we can help you decide as well as show you examples that match your vision.


A variety of materials are available to help capture your desired style. For example, marble might work better than traditional wooden options for a sleeker design. Our products are made with a diverse range of options for a tailored look and feel.

Start the Process for Your Custom Reception Desk Today

If you are ready to start the process of designing and creating your custom-built reception desk for your Melbourne office, contact us at Integrity Office today by calling (03) 9729 8863, sending an email to, or making an enquiry.

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