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Office Refurbishments

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To the naked eye, office refurbishments may look like adding some greenery, a fresh coat of paint, or some new office chairs. But when done right, these new additions to your interiors can completely transform the way your team moves, feels and operates. 

These simple yet cost-effective changes to your pre-existing set up can help breathe new life into your office space and better align with the needs and aspirations of your workplace – not to mention it can save costs, increase efficiency and help your bottom line. Moreover, workers who are satisfied with their workplace are 16% more productive, 18% more likely to stay, and 30% more attracted to their company over competitors.

Let’s take a closer look into the importance of a good office fit out and refurbishment, who it’s for, and how to get started. 

How Do I Get Started: The Office Refurbishment Process

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If you’re looking to get started, the office refurbishment process entails several major stages, each that are crucial to the success of the project.

1. Assessment and Planning

The initial step of the office refurbishment process lays the groundwork of the entire project. Here, it is vital to create a comprehensive evaluation of your current workspace, considering factors like layout, functionality, and employee satisfaction.

We recommend monitoring and observing what is working well and where there’s room for growth. To gather even more feedback, speak to any stakeholders who will be making use of the space. By understanding the pain points and aspirations of those who inhabit the space regularly, you can establish clear goals and objectives for your project. This can range from enhancing collaboration, improving efficiency to modernising the aesthetics of your office

2. Design and conceptualisation

Working with designers from our team, this stage involves translating goals and objectives into a tangible and realistic vision. Our design professionals will work closely with you and your key stakeholders to create a holistic concept that encompasses layout design, aesthetics and functionality. 

3. Budget and financing

  1. By working together with your financial stakeholders and our experts, we can help ensure that resources are allocated effectively and transparently throughout the project.

    It is very important to set a realistic budget that takes into account all costs associated with the project. This can include materials, labour, and any miscellaneous fees. The more precise you can be here, the better.

4. Implementation and evaluation

Once your budget and plans are in place, it’s time to begin implementing your office refurbishment vision. We will begin working with contractors, vendors and other service providers to execute the refurbishment plan effectively.

To ensure that work progresses smoothly, on schedule, and within budget, we will continue to initiate clear communication, meticulous project management and attention to detail. We will also have regular site visits and progress updates to help identify any potential issues early on, allowing for time resolution and adjustments as needed.

5. Post implementation evaluation

The final stage involves evaluating the refurbished workspace to ensure that it meets desired objectives and expectations. This includes conducting another review of the space, gathering feedback, and assessing performance metrics.

Together with your team, any necessary adjustments or improvements will be identified and implemented to help optimise your workstation further. The ongoing evaluation process will ensure that the refurbished workspace continues to evolve and adapt to the organisation’s changing needs.

Considerations and Ideas: Office Fit Out and Refurbishment

Throughout the office refurbishment process, you will need to place the needs of your staff first. We have worked with businesses who were aiming to mitigate stress, those looking to improve wellness, drive productivity, and some who were looking to brighten up the entire workplace overall. 

These are some of the factors we keep in mind throughout the process to help businesses and teams thrive. 

1. Sustainability

Incorporating sustainable elements and eco-friendly materials can not just help improve corporate social responsibility, but also drive productivity.

In the past, we have worked on commercial office refurbishments, helping to increase the natural lighting of office spaces. This is key in helping save energy costs, but also in helping boost your team’s mood. 77% of those researched feel that natural light is important to staff, yet only 58% are satisfied with the offering. This is why we have prioritised recommending creating more open workplaces with low privacy acoustic dividers.

2. Technology

Improved technology can help derive value and function from the entire process, the better your technology the more efficiently your team can work. In the long-term, more modern technology can also mean more savings as it could result in less need for maintenance and upkeep. Thinking up ways we can modernise and upgrade your technology can mean streamlined and improved efficiency, and potentially more valuable floor space. 

3. Greenery

Greenery can help create a less stressed and more calming office environment. Not to mention, it can also improve the air quality and convey a positive brand image.

According to a global study, workspaces that incorporate natural elements have a 15% higher well-being score and a 6% higher productivity than employees whose offices don’t include natural elements. By simply adding in potted plants throughout your workspace, you can change the way that your team collaborates with one another and how they feel going into work. It can also invite creativity and dampen the sound within the office environment.

Things To Avoid: Common Office Refurbishments Mistakes

An office refurbishment can be an extremely exciting, yet daunting time for an organisation. To make it simpler, we have broken down some of the project’s pitfalls. 

These common mistakes are easily avoidable once you know them. These are four things you should not do during your office refurbishment process.

1. Underestimate cost

Your budget is key in helping make sure that your vision can come to life comfortably and with ease. It will also ensure that you are able to bring your vision to life. That’s why we recommend setting a generous budget to ensure that any possible costs are covered comfortably, bearing in mind any possible delays and overruns. This can help mitigate any stressors throughout the project.

2. Ignore employee input

Getting your staff onboard is vital in ensuring that your office refurbishment is a success. This will also ensure that your design meets their needs and preferences. Keep in mind any of their input throughout the process to ensure that they are able to create an office refurbishment process that best meets their requirements, and helps drive productivity.

3. Overlook maintenance needs

It is important to prioritise durability, sustainability and ease of maintenance when selecting furniture to ensure long-term functionality. This can ensure cost-efficiency in the long run and ensure that the business is able to derive the most value from the process.

4. Procrastinate

Office refurbishments don’t have to be a stressful task – as long as you leave enough time for the consultation and design period to minimise any bottlenecks. It is important not to forget any steps and leave enough time to make sure that you are able to adhere to your project management plan.  

For What and For Who: Commercial Office Refurbishments

Refurbishments can be tailored precisely to your office’s requirements, making it a great solution for businesses of all sizes and industries. Integrity Office has provided support to small organisations such as Meraki Holistic Health and large-scale organisations like Monash University all across Melbourne, helping to completely up-scale and redesign their office interiors to suit their particular needs. 

So whether you’re a start-up or a multinational company, this offering is a great way to improve employee morale, boost productivity and operational-efficiency, as well as to drive the cost-effectiveness of your business.

Request Our Services: Integrity Office

Integrity Office can serve you as a well trusted partner in the office refurbishment process. Having served over 3,500 businesses for over 30 years, we as an organisation feel ready to provide you with the input required to help you with any office refurbishment support required. 

We provide a comprehensive range of services including: 

  • 1. Expert Consultation: our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to understand your goals and develop a tailored refurbishment plan that meets your unique requirements.

  • 2. Design and Planning: we can work with you to create a workstation that inspires creativity and productivity – from concept development to space planning and furniture selection.

  • 3. Project Management: our team of project managers will oversee every aspect of the refurbishment project, ensuring it’s completed on time, to budget and at the highest of standards.

4. Post-Implementation Support: your satisfaction doesn’t end at the completion of the project – we’ll provide you ongoing support and assistance to address any issues or concerns that may arise, ensuring your refurbished workspace continues to exceed expectations.

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